Educated by Other Future Educators

As a future educator, I’ve learned to rely on other teachers for teaching tips and tricks. There are so many education blogs out there, and I know a number of them come from other people in my class. I’ve been following some of the blogs of my fellow classmates and they have taught me so much!

Wesley Wingert showed me some awesome features that you can use when you green screen. I would have never guessed that green screening could be useful in the classroom until I came into this class. Wesley’s blog talks about how green screening can “breathe some life” into a classroom. Plus, he and one of his friends made an amazing green screen video that you have to check out! With the exciting video that he made, it is clear that Wesley will be a teacher that his students will never forget!

Baustin Bowers discussed using the Amazon Echo in the classroom. I really didn’t know what the Echo did, but he talked about the many ways it can be used in the classroom. The Echo allows people to ask it questions and it will give you answers as quick as if you would Google the subject. Baustin’s blog talks about how it can be a teacher’s aide: if the teacher is busy with a certain student, other students can go up to it and ask it questions. If Baustin is able to integrate the Amazon Echo into his classroom, I know where I’ll send my kids to school!

Sara Middendorf discussed this amazing app called Twiddla. It’s an online playground that teachers can use to teach students, even if they are not in the classroom. Sara’s blog discusses how if a teacher is away from school, he/she can explain the lesson through this app. Students can then work on problems or sample questions on the Smart Board and the teacher can see what the students are doing. This seems extremely helpful because then the teacher may not have to leave detailed subnotes. The teacher can still teach their students and not have to rely on someone else to teach the material. It’s obvious that Sara is going to be an extremely dedicated teacher!

I highly suggest that all of my followers (that’s you, mom and dad) check out my friends’ blogs. They have even more helpful information to share. It’s exciting that these are the people I will call my fellow teachers once I get into the workplace!

Well friends…I’m sad to say this is my last required blog post! I have really enjoyed keeping this blog, so I’m happy to announce that I will continue. I know, I know…you are all excited to see what I have to say next! For now, though, thanks so much for keeping up with me and all of the important things I have to say! See you soon, my loyal followers!


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