The Flipped Classroom

There will never be a day when students do not have to receive an education. There will, however, be a time when the way we see education is completely different, and I believe that time is starting right now. Many teachers are starting to experiment with a flipped classroom method of education. The idea of a flipped classroom is simple; students watch videos of lessons at home and then spend class time doing homework, projects, and discussions.

A huge part of the flipped classroom model is the use of technology to help students learn. When students are at home, they will be required to watch short videos of lessons that their teachers put together and uploaded onto sites accessible for their students. Yes, some students do not have access to the internet at home, and in that case, teachers will give students time to watch the lectures during class.

I found some information on this siteĀ that discusses the flipped classroom more in depth. The coolest thing to me, though, is that more than 50% of freshmen failed in English in a regular classroom and 19% failed in a flipped classroom. Yes, 19% is not as good as 0%, but it is so much better than 50%, and I think those numbers will keep decreasing as teachers keep finding better methods to use to teach a flipped classroom.

One great tool to use in a flipped classroom is Wikispace. Wikis are simple webpages that can contain text, images, videos, links, and more. Teachers in flipped classrooms can make Wikis for each specific class they teach. They are great for flipped classrooms because teachers can add different videos and links that show different methods of teaching the content. Teachers can even upload their own videos of them teaching the material so students see a familiar face when they are learning new information on their own.

Another helpful tool is Edmodo, a safe social media site that teachers can use to communicate with their students outside of the classroom. Students can chat with their classmates and teachers when they are not in the classroom. This tool is great for the flipped classroom because as students are watching lecture videos, they may have questions that are not answered in the videos. They can simply send out a message to their classmates and teacher, and someone can answer their question in seconds.Teachers can also create assignments and quizzes through Edmodo so if students want extra practice with the material, they can log into Edmoto and take a sample quiz or do some sample problems.

The flipped classroom is becoming more prevalent in classrooms in America. Giving students the help they need with homework in the classroom is better than them struggling through tough problems on their own. Allowing students to refer back to lectures and lessons whenever they need to gives students the opportunity to study and answer their own questions when they are at home. Even if students are struggling, they will have in-class time to work on homework and projects with the help of the teacher. Flipped classrooms are increasing success in many classrooms around the country.


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