I am someone who gets pretty bad test anxiety. I can study for hours upon hours, but once I sit down to take the test, the information gods take my knowledge away. If I focus super hard, I can remember most of the information, but then I’m kind of exhausted because my brain has been working in overdrive. Ever since I found out about Kahoot!, though, I have been really excited about quizzes in certain classes that take advantage of the website.

Kahoot! is an interactive quiz-taking site. People can create Kahoots! about any subject they want. The quizzes are multiple choice, which tend to be easier for students to take. Students are able to log into the site, as long as they have a smart phone, laptop, or other handheld device. They get to create names for themselves that the teacher and their classmates will see. This is a really cool feature because students do not have to use their first names if they don’t want or if their teachers allow them to. The teacher can also get rid of names that are inappropriate for the class.

Once everyone is logged in, the teacher can start the quiz. The questions are asked one-by-one, and once each student has answered the question, the site gives the correct answer. What makes this site so fun is that it is a fun competition. Not only do students get points for answering questions correctly, they get more points for answering the questions quickly. Everyone can see how many people selected each choice. This is a helpful feature for teachers as well, because they can see what students are struggling with and what they need to review.

This quiz site is great for all kinds of classrooms because the quizzes can be specialized for every content area. They can be used as a pre-test before teachers teach a lesson. The teacher can see what students already know about the subjects so they aren’t teaching material students already know. Then, after the lesson is presented, teachers can have the students retake the test to see how much they learned. If most of the students got a certain question wrong, the teacher will see that they need to reteach the information surrounding that question. This site gives a great tutorial on how to use Kahoot!.

Using Kahoot! is a fun and simple way to test students on material. Not only is it fun for the teachers to create their own questions on a simple testing site, it is also fun for the students because they are able to use their phones and they can compete to see who gets the highest scores. Kahoot! is an easy site to use and it can easily get rid of test anxiety!


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