The SAMR Model

The SAMR model is becoming a popular model for educational technology. Technology is such a huge part of our culture, so teachers feel like they need to integrate it into the classroom. Technology in the classroom can benefit both the students and the teachers, but only if it is being integrated in a meaningful way. The SAMR model can help teachers learn how to use technology in their classrooms in more ways than simply reading books on iPads or filling answers in on PDFs.

I think there are some teachers that think technology will be hard to integrate into their classrooms, but I truly believe that every content area can benefit from using technology. This site gives examples of lessons in many content areas using the different steps of SAMR. I think integrating any form of technology is exciting for students, but if you can transform a Shakespeare lesson from simply listening to an audio version of it to having students create a concept map to map out the symbols and themes of the play, the students will become more engaged in the lesson. As this website shows, the SAMR model can be implemented in all kinds of subjects, from math to English and even art and physical education.

Another way to learn about SAMR is through this video. This video is one that I actually made for my class, and it briefly goes over each of the steps of the SAMR model. After each of the steps are explained, I went over lesson ideas that implement more exciting technology with each step. I used Shakespeare as my example because I am an English major, but the SAMR model can easily be used in any subject area.

This final site is similar to the other sites, but it focuses on the functional changes of each step of the SAMR model. As we travel up the SAMR ladder from Substitution to Augmentation to Modification and finally, to Redefinition, each step gets more involved with technology in the classroom. The Substitution step is perfectly fine for certain lessons, but students will probably get bored if the teacher stays on that step throughout the whole school year. By using all the steps for different assignments and assessments, students will be more engaged in their learning and they will have a fun time learning.

Once I get into the classroom, I will want my students to enjoy learning, and I think using the SAMR model to integrate technology into the classroom will make my lessons more exciting for my students. Technology is becoming so prevalent in our world, and if teachers are not willing to integrate technology in creative ways, their students may not get as much out of lessons as teachers hope. By using the SAMR model, teachers will help their students learn in meaningful ways, and they will help themselves learn as well.


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