Queen Georgia

Princess Georgia

Yes, I am one of those people who thinks their dog should be treated like royalty. So why not allow her to appear like royalty for a day?

I really wanted to edit a picture to make it kind of silly, but also accurate (in my eyes at least). After looking through my pictures on my phone, I came across my gallery of 300 pictures of my beagle, Georgia. I decided to edit a picture of her, and when I found the crown image I could insert into the picture, I had my inspiration.

Picmonkey is a super easy site to use for beginning photo-editors. I chose the celebration theme, mostly because the other themes were holiday-focused. There were all kinds of filters I could add, but I decided to go with the “Radiance” filter. The beams of light you see coming off my pooch are not usually there! They really should be, but I had to insert them myself.

There was an “Overlays” section that allowed me to add facial hair, hats, and masks to the picture. The crown was obviously the most appropriate choice for a queen, so I simply slipped it on Georgia’s head and changed the size to fit her perfectly.

The stars seen in the lefthand corner of the image were found in the texture section. The “burst” that they provide to the picture adds just enough razzle-dazzle to the image. Georgia is framed by stars and rays of sunshine, because she is true royalty.

In the classroom, photoshop tools can help teachers avoid copyright issues simply by personalizing a picture. There are some tools that are free and some that are not, but all the tools can be useful in livening up a lesson. Simply having pictures on a PowerPoint can be kind of boring for students, but if you flip to a slide and William Shakespeare has an eyepatch and a tattoo, that will surely get the students’ attention. Keeping lessons exciting by integrating photoshopped images is an engaging activity for both the students and the teachers.

And sometimes, photoshopping an image of your dog to make her appear like part of the royal family is perfectly acceptable.


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